Foundations of lived experience advocacy, leadership and governance

Free online learning modules for people who want to use their lived experience to inform decision making and influence change in the mental health and social services sector.

The Learning Modules

Choose one module based on your interests and goals or complete all the modules at your own pace, once completed you will be able to access certificates of completion. 

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Introduction to using lived experience modules:

Sharing stories safely

Stream: Introduction to using lived experience

Opportunities for influence

Stream: Introduction to using lived experience 

Lived experience leadership modules:

Lived experience advocacy and representation

Stream: Lived experience leadership

Representing lived experience in co-design

Stream: Lived experience leadership

Strategic communication

Stream: Lived experience leadership

Understanding policy

Stream: Lived experience leadership

Governance Foundations modules: 

(These modules must be completed in order)

Please Note: The information in these modules is based on South Australian law however much of the content will be relevant where ever you are located.

1 - The role of the Board

Stream: Lived experience governance

2 - Legal duties of Board members

Stream: Lived experience governance

3 - Financial oversight

Stream: Lived experience governance

4 - Practice and culture

Stream: Lived experience governance

This has been a valuable learning experience for me.  I was at the point where I felt that my lived experience consumer carer rep experience was treated as tokenistic, and therefore worthless.  This learning has helped me to see a positive way forward to find my way to slowly slowly get the system… that I liken to a huge slow moving, lumbering, but well meaning elephant, to accept the value of maximising the potential of lived experience.

–  participant after completing the advocacy and leadership modules

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the modules for?

Anyone who wants to use their lived experience of mental distress, social issues or injustice to impact decision making in the mental health or social services sector. There are options for everyone, whether you’re just starting to think about it, or you are already doing it.

How were the modules developed?

The modules are based on face to face workshops that were co-designed by people with lived experience and people with specific expertise in the areas of advocacy, leadership or governance. 

Do I need to do the modules in order?

The modules were designed to be flexible. All the modules are stand alone and can be done in any order – apart from the Foundations of Governance modules which must be completed in order. We do reccomend you do the “Sharing Stories Safely” first as it provides an introductory foundation to complement the diverse information across the remaining modules. 

How long do the modules take to complete?

The modules take approximately between 1 and 3 hours each to complete depending on your own pace as they are self-directed. You can take as long as you want to complete each module, and can do them at the time that’s convenient for you.

Do you have any face to face training options available?

LELAN occasionally offers face to face and online workshops, alongside our ongoing events such as our Community of Practice and LEARN (Lived Experience Advocacy Reflection Network). You can see whats coming up on our events page, and if you subscribe to our Humanitix page you’ll get emails when new events get announced. 

How much does it cost to enrol in the modules?

Its completely free to access all of the online modules.