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Using our lived experience to combat stigma and shame, advocate for change, and inspire hope can be empowering. When shared for a purpose our story is a powerful tool that helps us connect with others and offer insight.

Sharing stories safely learning outcome: You will have the tools to share your story on your own terms while considering the safety of yourself and others. 

Lessons in this module:

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1. What is lived experience

  • What we mean by lived experience involvement
  • Intersectionality and lived experience

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2. Benefits of lived experience

  • Benefits for people sharing,
  • For the audience,
  • For the system, and
  • For the broader community

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3. Structuring 'safe enough'

  • How can we make it safe enough for others
  • What do we need to consider for our own safety

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4. Exploring Safety strategies

  • Our purpose, the context, and audience influence safety
  • Before during and after strategies for maintaining safety

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My previous consumer learning has been procedural. This learning gives depth and breadth to what it means to contribute with lived experience. Thank you.

– LEDGE Learner after completing ‘Sharing Stories Safely’ module

The LEDGE Pathway

This is one of the modules in the ‘Introduction to Using Lived Experience’ stream. It is recommended that this module is completed first, before enrolling in other LEDGE modules, especially If you are curious or just beginning to use your lived experience. You will reflect on your boundaries and identify strategies that will help you to look after yourself when sharing your story. You will explore considerations for sharing your story in a way that is safe enough for your audience and the lived experience community. These points will become important as you work through in other modules in the LEDGE training program.

“The content covered various situations and scenarios in which you would be mindful in your communication whilst presenting, sharing your story. The hows, the when, the audience, the comfort/discomfort and boundaries around it all. Was very informative and engaging.”

Workshop participant

Sharing stories safely

Self paced learning module

Work your way through the content and interactive activities. Please note this training is not facilitated but if you have any questions or want to discuss the content please email

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