our way of working

we know that this stuff matters

LELAN has particular expertise, networks and partnerships that centre the lives, perspectives, wisdom, recovery and hopes of people with lived experience of distress and/or mental health issues. Because of our strong and trusted relationships with people in the lived experience community we are able to have deeper conversations about things that matter, drawing our collective experiences together in purposeful ways. We know that lasting change cannot be done alone and work in partnership with other organisations to share the load.

LELAN demonstrates the power of recovery focused trauma informed practice in action.



Core elements of our way of working

The active, well supported and authentic inclusion of people with lived experience of distress and/or mental health issues at all stages and levels of the process

Working relationships based on collaboration and partnership

Prioritising co-everything (design, creation, production, evaluation) practices and processes where feasible and as much as possible

Focus on building the capacity of organisation’s and capability of their staff to engage, partner and effectively involve and/or provide care for people with lived experience that endures beyond the lifespan of the project


Influencing and designing positive real change by, for and with people with lived experience of distress and/or mental health issues, or the services and systems that they interact with