The Lived Experience Matching Register

connecting people and opportunities

What is the Matching Register?

The Matching Register is a point of connection where community members with lived experience and organisations seeking input from people with lived experience can register their respective skills and opportunities for getting involved in South Australia. LELAN will monitor and promote the register and provide support to match people with the ‘right’ lived experience to relevant opportunities and roles.


The Matching Register aims to increase the diversity of lived experience voices that are finding, connecting, and partnering with opportunities to influence change in mental health, psychosocial disability and social services sectors.

Who can join the Matching Register?

We are accepting registrations from organisations or services that are ready to partner with people with lived experience, as well as people with lived experience that want to influence change. As we are the peak body for South Australia all people and opportunities listed on the register must be South Australian based.



More information for those interested in joining:

People with lived experience:

Services or organisations with opportunities:

Does this sound like you?

We are accepting registrations from people in South Australia that identify as having lived experience and want to influence change. Being on the matching register means you can be connected with relevant roles or opportunities that match the wisdom of your specific skills and lived experience.

When we speak of lived experience at LELAN, we define it as personal experience(s) of mental distress, social issues or injustice ‘that have caused life as we knew it to change so significantly we have to reimagine and redefine ourselves, our place in the world and our future plans’   

[Byrne, L. & Wykes, T. (2020). DOI: 10.1080/09638237.2020.1766002]


Does this sound like you?

We are accepting registrations specifically from organisations and services based in South Australia situated in the mental health, psychosocial disability, or social services sector that have current or upcoming opportunities to involve and partner with lived experience wisdom 

Through our lived experience Matching Register we can assist you in bringing lived experience wisdom to your organisation’s advisory groups, (co)design team, training, evaluation, recruitment, governance sub-committees, board positions or other opportunities you would like to partner with lived experience on.  

What are some of the benefits?


  • Get connected to opportunities that match your experiences, skills, and interests  
  • Expand on your lived experience skill sets  
  • Connect with lived experience community  
  • Increase networking opportunities  
  • Learn about new ways to get involved in lived experience advocacy and representation  
  • Connect with like minded people via LEARN, our Lived Experience Advocacy and Reflection Network 

What are some of the benefits?


  • Access to resources that can support your organisation to reflect on how they support lived experience 
  • Tailored support to facilitate a smooth matching process 
  • Reach more people with lived experience and through targeted promotion, reach the people that want to know about it  
  • Get the right people into the right roles sooner through the objective matching process that considers skills, training, lived experience, interests, support needs and other considerations to the specifications of the opportunity  

    Connect to the Matching Register now!

    People with lived experience can access more detailed information about the process and register their interest and skills here

    Connect to the Matching Register now!

    Organisations and services can read more detailed information about the process and apply to have your opportunity listed here

    Want to share with your networks?

    Click here to access a double-sided PDF flyer with information for both people with lived experience and organisations or services seeking partnership. 

    Connect with our team:


    If you have more questions reach out to the LELAN team via or contact Emrys, our Peer Project Worker (LEDGE) via .