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Welcome to understanding Policy

Policies can feel removed or irrelevant to our daily experiences but they provide guidance, consistency, accountability, efficiency and clarity on how something operates. Good quality policy can be a useful tool in our work and knowing how to read, use, and develop quality policy is an important skill for leaders.

Understanding policy learning outcome: You will understand how to read and contribute to quality policy and use it to support your position.

Please note, this training is based on South Australian Mental Health Policy, however the strategies and explenations will be relevant to anyone wanting to know more about how to use Policy. 


Lessons in this module:

Click on the lessons below to work your way through each lesson in order.

What is Policy


  • Definitions
  • Government Policy
  • Workplace policy
  • Frameworks, Plans, Strategies

Contributing to Policy


    • An example of how a government Policy was developed

    Using mental health Policy


    • Understanding some of the key Policies that affect the mental health sector
    • How to use them in your advocacy

    Organisational policy


    • Using and developing quality policies for organisations and workplaces

    The LEDGE Pathway

    Understanding Policy is one of the four modules in the LEDGE Lived Experience Leadership Stream. These modules can be completed in any order. The modules in the ‘Lived Experience Leadership’ stream are for people who want to use lived experience in advisory groups, co-design sessions and in advocacy. By completing the four modules in this stream you will you be eligible of the LEDGE Certificate of lived experience leadership. If you have not completed the ‘Introduction to Using Lived Experience’ stream, it is recommended that you do so first.

    “This is not my ‘world’ and I feel better knowing how I can influence Policy with clear simple presentation, that was  easy to follow, with good use of examples for a typically dry topic.


    Workshop participant

    Understanding Policy workshop

    Self paced learning module

    Work your way through the content and interactive activities. Please note this training is not facilitated but if you have any questions or want to provide feedback along the way, please email

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