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Welcome to strategic communication

People with lived experience have unique perspectives and expertise to contribute however, it can be a challenge to get the right people to listen. Having communication strategies that are tailored to the audience can increase the chances of being heard. Equally, having strategies that help us maintain our resilience in the face of setbacks is important as persistence is usually necessary.

Strategic Communication learning outcome: Participants will have practical strategies to assist in successful and respectful negotiation and communication, when it matters.

Lessons in this module:

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Understanding our audience


  • Active listening,
  • Their goal and role
  • Their “why”

Negotiating for a win/win


    • Starting with the common goal
    • “AND” not “BUT”
    • Inviting them to work with you for a solution

    Managing our emotions


    • Understanding our own style of communication
    • What challenges us
    • What strategies work for us

    Developing a plan


    • When, where, how and who
    • Preparing for questions
    • Following up

    The LEDGE Pathway

    Strategic Communication is one of the modules in the ‘Lived Experience Leadership’ stream. There are four modules in this stream and they can be completed in any order. The modules in this stream are for anyone who wants to use their lived experience in advisory groups, co-design sessions, and in advocacy. By completing all four leadership modules you will be eligible for the LEDGE Certificate of lived experience leadership. Please note it is recommended that you complete both modules in the ‘Introduction to Using Lived Experience’ stream and you will need to have completed the ‘sharing stories safely’ module before enrolling in other modules.

    one of the best communication workshops that I have attended as far as content, I got some useful tools to use in practice.”

    Workshop participant

    Strategic communication workshop

    Self paced learning module

    Work your way through the content and interactive activities. Please note this training is not facilitated, but if you have any questions or want to provide feedback along the way please email

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