getting OUR Rights right, Right?

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This resource was developed to inform South Australians of the rights people have when accessing mental health services, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. It is designed to be of use to people seeking support as well as to the people that provide support.

The mental health ‘system’ is a complex web of services, laws, policies, and practices that can be confusing, disempowering and threatening for people trying to get help. Accessing clear information to help navigate the journey through care and treatment can be challenging, especially at a time when people may be experiencing
significant distress and crisis.

This resource summarises the rights that apply at key points in the care and treatment journey from first contact with services, admission through to discharge and when in the community. We know, sadly, that at this point in time these rights are not always upheld.

Empowering people to know and claim their rights is key to a human rights based approach and something that we actively nurture.

It fosters a stronger role in participating and making decisions related to a persons own care and treatment and promotes a culture and services where human rights are upheld.

A PDF version of LELAN’s getting OUR Rights right, Right? resource can be downloaded here. 

This resource is the first in a suite being developed by LELAN. For more information on how to assert your rights in a variety of ways, including while receiving treatment and support, and where, when and how to navigate various complaint pathways please visit our second resource: Asserting (Y)our Rights right, Right?

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LELAN’s getting OUR Rights right, Right? document was inspired by the Rights in mind: A pathway to patients’ rights in mental health services resource produced by the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland.