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Welcome to opportunities for influence!

Whether we are wanting to write a blog, sit on a committee or give a talk at a public event, there are many different ways that we can use our lived experience to affect change. Each strategy has its own considerations and will require different skills. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to put your energy. 

Opportunities for learning outcome: Participants will have an understanding of the mental health sector and services and the ways that lived experience leaders can have influence within the mental health sector​.

Lessons in this module:

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Influencing different levels

  • Overview of the South Australian mental health system
  • Levels within the system

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Your "why"

  • What are you passionate about?
  • Why its important to know your why?


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Challenges and supports

  • Tokenism & stigma
  • Making connections

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Governance, leadership & LEDGE

  • This is a brief overview of what governance is to help you decide if you want to learn more

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The LEDGE Pathway

This is one of the modules in the ‘Introduction to Using Lived Experience’ stream. It is recommended for anyone just starting to think about using lived experience or anyone who wants to know more about various different opportunities for using lived experience. This includes what’s involved and how to decide where you put your energy to have the biggest impact towards achieving your goals. Taking some time to reflect on these points now will support your participation in other modules in the LEDGE training program. Please note: you will need to have completed ‘sharing stories safely’ before enrolling in any other modules. 

I am very excited to get going on this journey. This training has helped spark enthusiasm and a sense of empowerment too

Workshop participant

Opportunities for influence

Self paced learning module

Work your way through the content and interactive activities. Please note this training is not facilitated but if you have any questions or want to provide feedback along the way,  email

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