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Welcome to Governance 1A – The role of a Board

Lived experience involvement in governance benefits the organisation, the people who use the services and people with lived experience. However if you haven’t been on a Board before, trying to figure out what the role of the Board is and what is expected of Board members can be confusing.

Governance 1A – Board roles learning outcome: Participants will understand the role of the Board and its members.

Lessons in this module:

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What is governance?


  • Definitions
  • Types of governance

What do Boards do?


  • The work of a Board
  • Difference between governance and management

Board positions


  • Common board positions and their duties

The LEDGE Pathway

‘Governance 1a – The role of the Board’ is the first of the four modules in the LEDGE Lived Experience Governance Stream. Each of the governance modules builds on the last and so should be completed in order. The ‘Lived Experience Governance’ stream is for people who want to use lived experience in to take on positions on Boards and contribute to the strategy, direction and oversite of organisations.

Once you complete all four modules in the governance stream, including the activities, email with your username to receive the LEDGE Certificate of lived experience governance.

Please note: to enroll in this module you must have completed ‘Sharing stories safely’. 

“I feel motivated and interested, it’s making me take it more seriously and see the need for lived experience on boards”

Workshop participant

'Governance 1A - The role of the Board' workshop

Self paced learning module

Work your way through the content and interactive activities. Please note this training is not facilitated, but if you have any questions or want to provide feedback along the way please email