The Lived Experience Development, Governance & Education (LEDGE) Project

targeting lived experience involvement in governance and decision-making

Lived experience governance and leadership training:


Face-to-face workshops will be offered again in 2023, for people who want to use their lived experience to inform decisions and influence change in the mental health and social services sectors. As new dates are announced, they will be available to register here.


Design your own fully flexible learning pathway based on your needs, interests, capacity and goals. Stand alone skill based workshops for you to choose from, or complete specific workshop streams to get a certificate in Lived Experience Leadership or Lived Experience Governance, or both!  




Your pathway to contributing to consumer advisory committees, reference groups, co-design processes, boards or other representative opportunities starts here.



register for the ‘sharing stories safely’ online module

All new participants are encouraged to register for the Sharing Stories Safely online module. This is especially recommended if you are new to sharing your story or from the perspective of lived experience.


consider your pathway options

Read information below to help you decide on the workshops you want to register for, or register for the Opportunities for Influence online module so you can explore your options.

Information about each workshop is available on the workshops and events page.


check the training calendar

Check the workshops and events page to find out more details about the upcoming training and development opportunities in 2023. Most workshops are stand-alone and can be done in any order.

Register your interest for upcoming sessions you are interested in by emailing


I am booked to all these workshops as I’m really keen to get into mentoring and advocacy. Thank you for this amazing opportunity. … I really got a lot out of the balance of discussion and small group work. I love the guest panel style, always learn more from other experiences.

[Feedback from Workshop Participants] 



Deciding how you want to use your lived experience and the certificate options available: 



Stoked, really enjoy being part of this, and learning and seeing how my lived experience is a strength not a burden. … I feel connected to purpose and community again and remember I’m not alone. … I feel much better informed and confident.

[Feedback from Workshop Participants]


Frequently asked questions:

Who is running the training?

The SA Lived Experience Leadership & Advocacy Network (LELAN) is running these workshops as part of our Lived Experience Development, Governance and Education (LEDGE) Project. LELAN’s purpose is to amplify the voice, influence and leadership of people with lived and living experience of mental distress, social issues or injustice to drive change.

Who is the training for?

The training is designed to be flexible and there are options for everyone; including beginners, people who are just starting to think about using their lived experience for influence and change as well as for people who are already involved.

I am not able to commit to the whole program, is that ok?

Yes, you can do any of the workshops that interest you or that you have the capacity to do. All workshops will be run multiple times. If you miss a workshop that you wanted to do, you can make it up next time. The Governance workshops must be done in order but all other workshops can be done in any order, any time it is offered.

Is the training online or face-to-face?

Some of the training is currently available online here and face-to-face dates will be available in 2023. As new dates are announced, they will be available here

Is the training accredited with anyone?

While not officially accredited we are working hard to make sure the LEDGE certificates are respected and recognised as high quality and legitimate within the lived experience community and by organisations.

How much does the training cost?

All training sessions are free!

What strategies are there to make it an accessible and safe (enough) learning environment?

There are a range of learning options and workshops to suit everyone. Managing safety and creating inclusive spaces is core component of workshops. Participants are given the opportunity to discuss specific needs in the enrolment process. LELAN and facilitators are trauma informed and safety is considered in all workshops. All venues are accessible and support people are welcome.