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Welcome to Governance 2B – Practice and Culture

‘Culture lies at the heart of governance. It informs a group’s rules and values about what is the ‘right way’ of exercising power and governing. It influences the Board practices which set the standard for the oganisation as a whole. Oversight of is the responsibility of the board and it is  an area where people with lived experience can have significant impact.

Governance – practice and culture’ learning outcome: Participants will have the opportunity pull the learning from previous modules together and consider their own role in contributing to the culture of an organisation.

Lessons in this module:

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    • The Boards role in culture
    • How to monitor the organisations culture

Governance Framework


  • Guiding documents including
  • Constitution, Delegations of authority and strategic plans

Your Contribution


  • Who cant be a member of a Board
  • Questions to ask
  • What you bring to the role

The LEDGE Pathway

 ‘Governance 2B| Practice and culture’ is the last of the four modules in the LEDGE Lived Experience Governance Stream. These modules build on each other and must be completed in order. The modules in the ‘Lived Experience Governance’ stream are for people who want to use lived experience to influence the values, policies and general direction of an organisation as a member of a Board.

Once you complete all four modules in the governance stream, including the activities, email with your username to receive the LEDGE Certificate of lived experience governance.

Please note: To enroll in this module you must have completed ‘Sharing stories safely’, ‘Governance 1A | The role of the Board’ and ‘Governance 2A | Financial oversight’.

“I feel confident to take part in committees and be involved in board member duties in the future. I’m very grateful for the indepth education and knowledge I’ve learnt.”

Workshop participant

'Governance 2B - Practice and culture' workshop.

Self paced learning module

Work your way through the content and interactive activities. Please note this training is not facilitated, but if you have any questions or want to provide feedback along the way please email

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