navigating uncertain times, including covid19

wisdom from the lived experience community 

On this page we share the experiences and wisdom of how the lived experience community have been navigating COVID19, uncertain times and life disruption: 


We acknowledge the significant impact that COVID19 has had on people around the world. In our community there has been heightened emotion, uncertainty and confusion on what steps to take to look after ourselves and each other. Some people have also shared that as more people in the community have had their lives interrupted that they feel understood in a way they haven’t before. We recognise that such responses are valid and that they make sense. 


LELAN knows too that there is expertise gained from lived/living experience; a resilience and courage that gets us through hard times and insights and strategies developed that could be valuable for the whole community to hear about and learn from.


Throughout 2020 we have connected in a variety of ways with the lived/living experience community, to hear and understand the impacts of COVID, learn the solution ideas that people have for what people need at these times and hear first-hand the tips, tricks and tools for getting through that people are using in their own lives.


Examples of what people have generously shared with us are below. Experiences related directly to the recent ‘Circuit Breaker’ can be read here.

We also provide links to various opportunities for you to share your own experiences and wisdom with LELAN and the broader lived/living experience community (thank you).