navigating uncertain times, including covid19

the wisdom of lived experience 

-What I realised was important to me during COVID:


How important my family and friends connection is to my wellbeing. That my work style is to be around people not a solo worker.


Tips, tricks and strategies that help me navigate uncertain times, including COVID:


Use one source of trust info. Don’t follow it relentlessly. Keep in contact with support people no matter what way. Remember everyone is dealing with this as best they can.



Words that describe my experiences before, during and after COVID:


          Before: In control

                    During: Struggling

                              After: Exhausted and flat


 What decision makers and service providers need to know/do for people living through uncertainty and tough times:


Acknowledge and listen to make improvements. Often that’s increase non clinical supports. 


by Survey Respondent, LELAN Community Member from SA