Volunteer Opportunities with LELAN


Increasing the voice, influence and leadership of people with lived experience of mental health issues to drive sector and systemic change is vitally important to LELAN. We are committed to the genuine involvement of people with lived experience at all levels of our organisation and to developing the skills, knowledge and experience of members of our community.


To achieve these goals we are inviting three people to join our Advisory Group as well as seeking people to join us as a Peer Educator / Facilitator. Both opportunities close Wednesday June 12th at 5pm.



Join our Advisory Group


The LELAN Advisory Group is one mechanism for ensuring we are listening to and are responsive to the needs and interests of the lived experience community. It has direct links to the LELAN Board of Directors and meet monthly.

This Advisory Group was first established in May 2018 and guided LELAN’s establishment as an independent organisation. A recent review of the Advisory Group’s purpose and membership is leading to a reinvigoration of the group and clarification of their purpose and role. This has led to three new places being opened to people with lived experience. The first task of the group will be to write Terms of Reference and determine their scope.

If you would like to join the Advisory Group and help guide the work of LELAN please complete your Expression of Interest here. Nominations close Wednesday June 12th.



Become a Volunteer Peer Educator / Facilitator


Designing, delivering and facilitating training, development and reflective sessions for people with lived experience as well as people who work in the mental health sector is one of the core activity areas of LELAN. To assist us to do this work, whilst building the skills and experience of our community at the same time, we are seeking a volunteer Peer Educator / Facilitator.

This position will serve as a development opportunity for people with lived experience, consumer and/or carer perspective, who are wishing to expand their skills and experience in this area. They will contribute to the design, delivery and co-facilitation of LELAN’s training, development and reflective sessions and have the opportunity to co-facilitate other sessions that LELAN are involved in.

Whilst this is a voluntary position, successful applicants will be mentored to develop their Peer Educator / Facilitator skills by a person who has a rich professional history in the design and delivery of nationally accredited and non-accredited training programs and extensive facilitation experience. They will also receive free access to one of LELAN’s other training sessions of their choice.

Access the position description and selection criteria here. Nominations close Wednesday June 12th.

If you have any questions about either of these opportunities email info@lelan.org.au or call Ellie on 0422 888 157.