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UNHEARD ISSUE ONE: navigating uncertain times & life disruption


Welcome to LELAN’s first online zine showcasing the contributions of people with lived experience of mental distress, social issues or injustice (as well as our supporters and allies).

We hear frequently from the lived experience community that they would like a platform where their stories and lives can be shared with others. Always with the recognition that how people share and contribute could look different (e.g. writing, spoken word, art or craft).

The theme for this inaugural issue is navigating uncertain times & life disruption. For many people with a lived experience of distress, the COVID pandemic hasn’t been our first time of getting through tough times. Our past experiences may even offer helpful tips, tricks and tools for others to connect with and benefit from.

With this in mind we invited people to share their experiences with uncertainty and disruption with us. The result is the following online mag full of art, poetry, writing, craft, the occasional interview and lived experience resources.

We hope you enjoy!


The zine can be viewed in the PDF-viewer below, full screen mode is accessed by pressing the square-like icon in the middle of the toolbar.

A PDF version of UNHEARD ISSUE ONE can be downloaded here.