Language Matters!

LELAN, advocacy

In the lived experience community we know that language matters!

Language helps us shape our ideas, how we interact with and see the world.

Words carry weight, power and influence and when used incorrectly or without thought, they can have great impacts on an individual and an entire community’s sense of worth and belonging.


This is why LELAN went out to the lived experience community to get some insight into how language impacts them and what words, sayings and messaging they would like to see fade from society’s lexicon when talking about mental health and our experiences.

Stigmatising, discriminatory and dehumanising language needs to go. Respectful and compassionate responses that allow us to define our experiences ourselves is more supportive and what we want. Language matters! 


My story and distress are unique, contain strength and survival.
The language needs to reflect the complete story.


View and download our Language Matters! resource by clicking the images to the right of this article – below on a phone – or clicking here. We also recommend printing, laminating and displaying a copy in your workplace and/or services you visit.