Interactive Art Exhibition: LELAN’s Laneway of Lived Experience


LELAN’s Laneway of Lived Experience was an interactive art exhibition showcasing the stories LELAN gathered from members of the lived experience community through one-on-one interviews and artwork created by them. Between April and June 2021, LELAN’s Lived Experience Project Worker held one-hour one-on-one conversations with seven storytellers to explore their experiences with COVID and other uncertain times. Following this initial conversation, the Project Worker connected with storytellers on two other occasions to support them with crafting an authentic and safe story to share and to workshop creative ideas to bring their story to life.

This booklet was created to more broadly share and honour the storytellers, their stories and their artwork, as well as the Laneway of Lived Experience project more broadly. LELAN extends our gratitude to the seven storytellers, the Mental Health and Wellbeing Directorate – Wellbeing SA and Adelaide City Council for their contributions to our Laneway of Lived Experience project.

A printable ‘pocket guide’ of tups and tricks to navigate uncertain times was also developed and can be downloaded here.

We hope you enjoy!


The booklet can be viewed in the PDF-viewer below, full screen mode is accessed by pressing the square-like icon in the middle of the toolbar.

A PDF version of the Laneway of Lived Experience booklet can be downloaded here.