Community of Practice (CoP): Lived Experience Leadership & Change

Activating Lived Experience Leadership (ALEL) Project

LELAN and UniSA’s Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Research Group (MHSPRG) are proud to announce the creation of a Community of Practice as an important component of their Activating Lived Experience Leadership (ALEL) Project.


About the Lived Experience Leadership and Change CoP:


The Lived Experience Leadership and Change CoP will be developed as a ‘safe space’ to encourage discussion, information exchange and capacity building on lived experience leadership and change in South Australia


The CoP will meet every six weeks in a CBD location starting Wednesday February 12th, 9.30-11am. Any person with lived experience of mental health issues (consumer and/or carer), allies and people with professional interest in this topic are invited to attend. We do ask that you pre-register your interest by emailing .



What a Community of Practice (CoP) is:


A Community of Practice fosters shared learning, knowledge creation and collaboration about issues that matter to the people that attend. They are relational and they are conversational. Members of the community consider new ideas and discuss possibilities on new ways of working and responding. They may share or develop resources, tools or guides, or generate co-production in key areas of interest.


‘Communities of Practice are groups of people who share a concern (domain) or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better (practice) as they interact regularly (community)’ [Quote by Etienne Wenger]  



How you can be a part of this Community of Practice:


Simply send an email to to register your attendance and schedule the date – Wednesday February 12th, 9.30-11am – in your diary. 

If you have any questions contact Ellie via or 0422 888 157.