Notice of Annual General Meeting:


The LELAN Board wish to advise that the 2020 Annual General Meeting of the SA Lived Experience Leadership & Advocacy Network Inc [ABN 98 469 662 123] has been set.


     Date: Monday November 30th, 2020

     Time: 1.30pm-2.30pm

     Venue: 142-160 Flinders St, Adelaide (The Jade)

     RSVP: via this link


The order of business at the meeting shall be:

     1. Confirmation of minutes of Special General Meeting held in December 2019 (found here)

     2. Consideration of the accounts and reports of the Board

     3. The election of Board members

     4. Any other business requiring consideration by the association in general meeting



Notice of Special Resolution to Change the LELAN Constitution:


A special resolution to make changes to LELAN’s constitution, in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Act 1985, will be made at the AGM. It is intended that the following motion be proposed as a special resolution:


That the current Constitution of SA Lived Experience Leadership and Advocacy Network Inc (LELAN) be repealed and the proposed new Constitution attached to the notice of the meeting of the members of LELAN, be adopted as the Constitution of LELAN.


The new Constitution showing all proposed changes in yellow highlight can be accessed here. Changes have been made to clauses relating to the objects or purpose of the association.

By way of summary, the LELAN Board is proposing these amendments to make explicit core rules of the organisation that have thus far been implicitly known to people involved in the organisation. The proposed changes update the Constitution to ensure it aligns with the intent, purpose and core focus for which the association was established and describes the vision and values of the organisation. 


Information about Special Resolutions


Under the Associations Incorporation Act 1985, a special resolution is required to change the Constitution of an organisation. For a special resolution to be valid, the special resolution must be passed by at least 75% of the votes cast by members entitled to vote (whether by members present at the AGM or by proxy).

The Associations Incorporation Act 1985 can be accessed here if you would like to read more.



Proxy Voting Form:


You are warmly invited to attend the AGM, however we understand that this may be challenging for people for many reasons. If you cannot attend, you may cast your vote on the above special resolution by appointing a proxy to vote on your behalf. The proxy form can be accessed here.

A proxy must be a Member who is entitled in their own right to attend and vote at any general meeting of the association. The LELAN Chairperson will be allocated as the proxy for people who are unable to attend the AGM.



Action Required from You:


We encourage you to please complete the following voluntary actions to assist in the further development of LELAN as an organisation:

       – Make sure you are a current and financial member of LELAN, and then 

      – Vote on the special resolution to amend the LELAN Constitution, either by attending the AGM in person or by completing the proxy question

     – Let us know if you can/cannot attend the AGM by completing the RSVP found here 

     – Vote in the Board election if more nominations than current vacancies are received (an email will be sent with further information)


You may also wish to nominate to become a Board Director. This may be done via this form or by requesting a copy via . Nominations to be a Board member close Monday November 20th, 2020 at 5pm.


If you have any questions please contact Ellie Hodges, LELAN Executive Director, via or 0422 888 157.

… with heart,

Ellie Hodges (Executive Director)