Learning from Lived Experience (LfLE) Suicide Prevention Project Advisory Group (PAG)


This is an opportunity for members of the South Australian lived experience community to be actively involved in LELAN’s latest project. We are seeking five people with lived experience of distress/crisis, supporting a loved one in crisis, or being bereaved by suicide (consumers and carers) to be a part of the Project Advisory Group (PAG) for the Learning from Lived Experience (LfLE) Project.


Alternatives to hospital emergency departments and current responses to distress and crisis need to be found. We know that people with lived experience have resilience and strength and can provide valuable insights for designing, leading and evaluating mental health services.  



About the Learning from Lived Experience (LfLE) Project:


The Learning from Lived Experience (LfLE) Project involves interviewing people and creating shareable video and written content. People interviewed will have lived/living experience of crisis and distress – which may look like experiencing suicidal thoughts or living with a suicidal part, surviving a suicide attempt/s or surviving the suicide of a loved one.

The conversations will focus on times of crisis/distress and any support received. We want to know what helped, what harmed, and what people hope for in the future around these experiences and the types of help or support that is available.


This specific focus was chosen as people often share that service responses in times of crisis are inadequate and, frequently, even compound the distress they are experiencing. 


In addition to the resources created, information obtained through the project will be used by LELAN in our advocacy efforts for supporting people experiencing distress and through crisis better.

The LfLE Project will be coordinated by LELAN’s LfLE Project Worker, Tanya Blazewicz. A Project Advisory Group (PAG) made up of people with lived/living experience will advise and guide the project’s implementation and a Volunteer Creative Producer will oversee filming and editing responsibilities.

The LfLE Project is funded by the South Australian Suicide Prevention Community Grants Scheme and supported by the South Australian Mental Health Commission. It is a six-month project beginning January 2020. 


About the Project Advisory Group (PAG):


The LfLE Project Advisory Group (PAG) will provide project oversight and advisory support throughout the life of the project. Membership will include people with lived or living experience of crisis and distress, supporting someone through crisis, or having been bereaved by suicide.

The PAG will meet monthly from February 2020 until the project launch June 25th 2020. At this stage the second Thursday of the month 10am – 12pm has been set as the meeting time.


PAG membership is voluntary with honorarium and reimbursements provided. 


The first PAG meeting, scheduled for February 13th, will be a longer session (10am-12.30pm) allowing time for introductions and project orientation. 



How you can be a part of the LfLE PAG:


Complete the Expression of Interest questions here. Applications close Friday January 31st at 5pm.



 Other ways to get involved in the LfLE Project:


There will be other opportunities for people with lived experience to get involved with this project:

   – In late February we will be recruiting people to be our ‘interviewee’s’ for the video and written resources that will be developed; and  

   – In April / May we will be trying to hear from as many people as we can about their experiences with distress/crisis and suggested solutions through an online survey.


Further enquiries can be made by emailing info@lelan.org.au or calling Ellie on 0422 888 157.