Sharing Lived Experience Wisdom about Community, Connection and Looking after our Mental Health during COVID19

Have a Say / Get Active, Advocacy

At LELAN we acknowledge the significant impact that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on people around the world. In our own community there is heightened emotion, uncertainty and confusion on what steps to take to look after ourselves and each other. These responses are valid and they make sense. (You can read LELAN’s response here).
For people with a lived/living experience of mental health distress and/or trauma, this may be a time of increased vulnerability. Uncertainty, loss of control, loneliness and isolation may all be feelings that we have felt before – linked to heavy and hard experiences and emotions in our past.
We also know that there is expertise because of our lived experience; a resilience and courage that gets us through hard times and insights and strategies developed that could be valuable for the whole community to hear about and learn from.
We have designed this survey for people with lived/living experience, to check in with how you are doing and as a means to share valuable strategies for surviving and living through this uncertain time.

The survey will support LELAN’s advocacy efforts in ensuring that the needs of people with lived experience of distress and/or mental health issues are heard and addressed in our State’s response to COVID19.
Information that you provide will be used to share strategies and experiences on social media, guide our organisation’s response to COVID19 and will be used in our advocacy and systemic change work.