Navigating COVID-10 Vaccinations: experiences from the lived experience community


LELAN is working with the lived experience community to understand peoples experience with COVID vaccination and to co-create messaging and strategies to support informed decision making. This work is supported by funding from Wellbeing SA’s CoVID-19 Vaccine Uptake ~ Partnering for
the wellbeing of our communities grant scheme.

In connecting with the lived experience community, we continue to hear about the difficulties people have navigating current messaging and how this impacts decision making, wellbeing and mental health.


LELAN’s purpose in this work is to support people to access information and resources around COVID-19 vaccinations that is clear, makes sense and supports choice

Co-creating messaging and strategies to support informed decision making about COVID vaccinations: 

LELAN has co-created messaging and strategies around COVID-19 vaccinations that are designed and developed by, with and for people with lived experience of mental distress, social issues and injustice. We have collected this feedback through a survey, deep dive conversations and a series of co-creation sessions. We have also recruited a team of lived experience advisors who are walking beside us for every step.

LELAN will be sharing the community’s collective insights and messages with government agencies to help them understand more diverse viewpoints and provide recommendations to improve the information and accessibility of information that is available.

LELAN is a rights based, lived experience organisation that centres the wisdom of lived experience, choice and personal agency in all that we do. LELAN believes informed decision making exists when people have access to the information they need to make decisions that are most right for them at that point in time. Where people have real choice and do not feel coerced.

We want to support and empower (not coerce) people to make informed choices about COVID vaccinations. 


Information about COVID19 symptoms and how to avoid spreading the infection:

Both images below are from the healthdirect website where there is a wealth of information about COVID19 to understand and manage it. 

Working out what information can be trusted is tricky, SIFT may help:

We have been connecting with the lived experience community and heard that with all the information out there about COVID, vaccines and everything it is hard to know what information is true, what is fake and where to get the ‘best’ information. This can impact the choices we make as well as our mental health and wellbeing.
You may find the SIFT Technique (developed by Mike Caulfield Digital Literacy Expert, Washington State University) useful to check the reliability and trustworthiness of information.