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These forums allow people with lived experience of distress and/or mental health issues (consumers and/or carers) and our allies to connect and contribute together. This is a place to come together and talk about what matters to us, provides an opportunity to inform our advocacy, peer and leadership efforts as well as share resources for driving systemic change. 

We are the people who speak up and we stand up; or we are working out how to do that in ways that are good for us. We are the changemakers. 


These forums are not focused on providing individual support. The SANE Forums provide a platform for seeking and providing support, asking questions and sharing stories. They have forums for people with lived experience as well as carers.

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[Closed] Philosophy of Care: Key Themes ... so far  

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We held our first Co-design Session for this work on Friday March 20th with people with lived experience. The focus of the conversation was on the development of a Philosophy of Care. The Philosophy of Care that we co-create will inform the Centre's design, set-up and operation.

It is intended that the Philosophy of Care will underpin every aspect of the Centre and provide staff of the Centre a reference point when making all decisions; keeping them equally accountable and invested.

Key themes of identified from the conversations related to:

  1. Reimagining Culture, Roles and People
  2. Lived Experience at the Heart
  3. Rethinking Safety and Surveillance
  4. Language: Healing and 'Care'full
  5. Values Driven Practice
  6. Leaving is just as Important as Arriving

Each of these is explained and given more context in the document attached.


What we would love to hear from you is: Are we on the right track?; Is there anything missing?

Posted : 25/03/2020 1:57 pm