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Lived experience coproduction in developing countries  

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HI am wondering if anyone has any experience in coproduction of mental health curriculum in a developing country ? Or perhaps in a culture other than your own where English is not an understood language . Some of the resources on Lelans page are helpful but hoping to connect with someone who has perhaps experienced this in their country or culture of origin?

Posted : 07/06/2020 9:06 am
Active Member CoP

Hi watticando, unfortunately I don't have experience with this or resources to share - but reading your post I immediately thought of Robyn Priest's Lived Experience Works Conference presentation in 2017 on Culture Informing Practice. It might help to look her up?

Here's a paste of the notes I took on her talk about implementing mental health services in non-Western cultures. They may resonate with your current wisdom or get you thinking.

Our practice should be informed by the fact that the way cultures interpret mental health is diverse.
Each individual belongs to a variety of sub-cultures within their culture.

Westerners should be conscious of seeking invitation into other cultures to share & teach knowledge:
Correcting peoples' beliefs vs exploring what could be different - Telling people how to get better vs listening to their needs

Shut up and LISTEN. Craft good questions not good answers. Ask "How do you want to look at this problem?" "How do you want me to work with you?"
Peer Workers are Exploration Facilitators

Honouring differences in perspective between cultures
'Multiple Truths' Just because we don't hear/see things another does do we have a right to say that what they experience isn't real to them?

In our own practices, is clinical culture actually listening to consumer culture?
Take an approach of respectful challenge - with open questions as to why a practice is the norm
LEWs should hold the same hope for recovery of systems as we do for recovery of consumers.

*NEAMI - Collaborative Recovery Model

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Posted : 10/06/2020 3:08 pm