Introducing Chris

LELAN, Project Worker

LELAN recently appointed a Project Worker to support LELAN’s ongoing and new projects. We are very happy to have Chris join the team!

Below Chris answers some questions to introduce herself.


 Who Chris is:


Chris is a passionate, creative person who is either highly energetic or resting from the world. She is what people describe as an introvert/extrovert. Chris has worked in community services, Government and not-for-profits since the 90s after completing a Bachelor of Anthropology whilst single parenting. Most of Chris’s roles have seen her working with and for Australian First Nations Communities in community development and activation projects, as well as housing and homeless related programs.  

Chris credits the First Nations communities with being her biggest teachers in how to walk alongside people – working in grounded partnerships with community as the boss. 


Chris has two adult children and will most likely become a happy Grandma in the next five years. Or so they keep promising… Chris is also a practicing artist – painting abstract acrylic and oil abstract landscapes from her home-based studio.


How Chris felt starting with LELAN:


Enthusiastic, connected and nervous-excitement – her brain pistons are starting to fire up already! 


The thing Chris appreciates about LELAN and how we do things:


The values that LELAN works from all resonate with Chris. 


The journey of LELAN to now seems to have been built with deep, reflective, creative, empathic and intelligent thought – what I appreciate is that the vales are embedded in the organisational structure. 


In particular, the careful thinking about language and the powerful way it shapes our worldviews is very special in SA.


Chris’s thoughts on lived experience advocacy:


All great social and cultural change has come when the people who need that change to occur, start to speak truth to power themselves – speaking up strong.


Now in my 50s I have seen culture shifts change just in my lifetime. Still more to do, but having a community always helps to keep our spirit strong and when exhaustion hits, knowing there are others also working for change, means people can rest and retreat when they need to.


 Lived experience has shaped my life, my career, my decisions – there is nothing more powerful than finding and using your voice, whatever it needs to say to whoever needs to hear it. At LELAN we are the lived experience community and the lived experience community is us. 


Connecting with Chris:


Chris will be working with LELAN on alternate Wednesday’s, Thursday and Friday. She can be contacted via .