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Workshop and event costs should not prevent you from having a voice, developing skills or being a part of our events. To explore alternative payment arrangements please contact us via . We are happy to invoice workplaces or organisations that you receive sitting fee’s from once you have received approval from them.

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Lived Experience Conversation Sessions & Network

Regular session dates and their topics will be posted here and promoted through our newsletter.

These sessions are for people who want to be or are already involved in changing the way that mental health issues are understood and responded  to in SA. Together we explore the values, challenges, wins and insights of lived experience recovery and advocacy, representative roles or peer work and what we are grappling with in these spaces.

Each session will have a theme decided by those who attend. They are for lived experience advocates and leaders who may or may not be in a paid or representative lived experience role. 

Cost: FREE to members.

Sharing Our Stories Safely & for Influence

Wednesday August 14th and Thursday November 21st, 9.30am-4pm


Having a narrative for our lives is healing. There is power in knowing and living this in our own lives and there is power in sharing our stories and insights with others. When we share our lived experiences the purpose, audience, context and our vulnerability related to them are important considerations. We will explore how we share our stories safely, for ourselves and for the people that hear-read-witness them, valuing the perspective and strength they bring to our efforts for making sense and making a difference.    

This session will provide a foundation for honouring recovery journeys and sharing in ways that are safe, purposeful and geared for influence. It is for people with lived experience as a consumer or carer who may or may not be in a paid or representative lived experience role.


Themes covered:   

   *   exploring what we mean by and our experience of sharing stories safely   *   lived experience stories   *   story ‘politics’   *   individual and/or collective stories   *   our purpose for sharing   *   sharing to influence   *   public narratives as a leadership skill   *   the strength of our stories to drive change

Cost: $150+GST for waged members ($200+GST waged non-members) and $60+GST for unwaged/concession members ($80+GST unwaged/concession non-members).

Co-what? An Introduction to Co-production and How We Do it Together

Tuesday September 3rd, 9.30am-4.00pm


Increasingly co-production is talked about as a mechanism for engaging with people with lived experience and involving them in decisions that affect their lives. When people first grapple with co-production there can be a lot of what-if’s, questions on what it is, how to do it well and wondering if it is appropriate for their circumstance and why.

This session will provide people with an understanding of the value and values of co-production, reflection on each person’s role within the context of co-production as well as skills to participate in co-production processes. It is for anyone who has involvement or interest in co-production. Participants may or may not have lived experience.


Themes covered:   

   *   what co-production is and what it isn’t (plus all the other co-‘s)   *   values/principles of co-production   *   impact and value of co-production   *   ‘doing’ co-production   *   the importance of power   *   panel Q&A with people who have been involved with co-designed or co-produced projects   *   the challenge of co-production   *   skills and strategies of co-production   *   co-production in your context 


Cost: $150+GST for waged members ($200+GST waged non-members) and $60+GST for unwaged/concession members ($80+GST unwaged/concession non-members).  

Mental Health Advocacy & Leadership Training

In partnership with HCA. Wednesday July 17th & Wednesday November 6th, 9.30am-4.00pm


This training is suited for lived experience advocates or representatives – consumers and carers – who are actively engaged in the mental health system. Participants of this course will learn strategies to improve their effectiveness and develop confidence to take on leadership roles or opportunities to participate at a more strategic or governance level. 

Themes covered:   

   *   the mental health system   *   fundamentals of lived experience perspectives   *   lived experience involvement and action   *   partnership and co-production   *   power, influence and leadership   *   advocacy and representative opportunities    

Cost: For more information about training and payment options email

Practitioners with Lived Experience: Exploring Our Value-base, Safety and Self-care Together

In partnership with Matt Ball of the HUMANE Clinic. May/June with specific date to be advised. 


More information coming soon. 



Other workshops & events:

Psychosis 365

The intention: to share compassionate and humane ideas, views and thoughts on how we understand common human realities, often referred to as psychosis. One minute clips posted on Facebook each and every day of 2019.

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